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Companies suffer when leaders and managers assume that someone is too young or too old to solve complex problems, collaborate in new ways, contribute to the innovative design of a product, or skillfully lead a process improvement project. Reinforcing age-related myths for targeted sectors of a workforce reduce real opportunities to raise the innovation bar for everyone, which is why I'm calling out ten age-related myths for the over forty crowd that we should debunk in 2017. Read more →

I published an end-of-year Facebook post about catching up with Rich Goldman, one of the thought leaders in Innovation in a Reinvented World, and who provides readers with insight and experience representative of Essential Element #2: Entrepreneurship. It was fun catching up with Rich again after four years and another... Read more →

The tension between deciding when to challenge a status quo and when to adapt to one certainly does keep life interesting. However, we hear less about the art of managing the creative tension associated with stepping up and outside our comfort zones—navigating an unfamiliar terrain that is oftentimes strewn with roadblocks, boulders, and pot holes—with that of getting along, being liked, and fitting in. Read more →