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Earlier this year I got serious about launching an online course site, something that I had been considering for at least a year. As serendipity would have it, a business colleague from Univentures reached out to let me know about their new online learning partnership with Thinkific. Since I had a fairly good understanding of what I was looking for in an online course provider, I decided to attend their informational webinar this past August. Note: If you're ready to move forward with your own online learning solution, Thinkific has a Black Friday deal that you'll want to check out. Read more →

I like to think of organizational politics as people dynamics gone awry--people competing with one another to get their primary (and sometimes) secondary needs met within a certain timeframe. Company politics are always part of the workplace landscape, so you might as well get used to it and ensure that you have the right equipment and people backing you before diving in. Read more →

Over the years I've had the greatest of opportunities to partner with some amazing folks, and as a Change and Transformation consultant and coach, this means that I’ve experienced different leadership and work styles. It still surprises me, though, when business leaders and managers fail to leverage the “unpolished gems” quite often right in front of them, under-utilized professionals who represent untapped potential. Read more →

Imagine yourself as the go-to person for tackling projects no one else wants. Sound like a desirable career strategy? Most professionals wouldn't think so. Typical career advice focuses on doing what you love and playing to your core strengths. Sound advice if you have enough life and career experience to know what you love to do and have had enough opportunities to test your support systems. Read more →