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Don’t Overlook the Gift of Boredom this Season

Don't overlook the gift of boredom this season

It's time to re-think boredom as a red flag letting you know that something in your life needs changing.

Although not a seasonal feeling, but a year around gift that’s easily overlooked because of the craziness of the holiday season combined with yearend activities at work, there is risk associated with not opening this gift when it’s offered.   

Perhaps you’ve been bored for a while in your current job; you’ve had a feeling of restlessness but you haven’t been able to garner the energy needed to take needed action to move yourself forward.  

Low energy and boredom are a volatile mix for anyone whose value is measured in contributions to a client, to a team, or to a boss. People read energy. And if your energy is low, you’re likely to be overlooked for new opportunities, an ironic situation since the excitement of a new opportunity often raises your energy level. So, you wind up sabotaging yourself by not proactively disrupting your career.  

Boredom signals that you’re either close to missing or you’ve passed your Personal Inflection Point. In other words, you’ve missed the optimum time for you to make a change, so think of boredom as the first of your red flags.   

You can see from the Personal Inflection Curve™ visual below that it requires more effort and energy, and sometimes even greater finances, to close the gap of a downward slope when shifting gears in order to head back in a positive direction.

Personal Inflection Curve

Reinventing yourself in front of the curve ensures that you don’t miss your Personal Inflection Point in the first place, a process that requires less effort and is so much more fun!

If you’re looking to make that change now, be sure to check out my 30 Day Career Reinvention video course. It includes two bonus lessons on the Personal Inflection Curve and how to identify your optimum time to change, so that going forward you will always reinvent yourself in front of the curve.


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