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Leaders ask professionals to change for a variety of reasons—shifts in strategy and direction, new product introductions, process improvements, or personal issues with job performance. Professionals change when their jobs change, and others strategically reinvent their careers in order to not miss their Personal Inflection Point. Preparing people for ongoing change requires that they learn how to remain nimble and pivot ready. But motivation can easily turn destructive when leaders fail to heed these seven call to actions. Read more →

It's probably no coincidence that the same weekend I decide to prune my yard's over-grown bushes and pull weeds I also officially launch my newest training course Seeding Change: 60 Day Reinvention Challenge. Read more →

Reinventing yourself in front of your Personal Inflection Point keeps life interesting and your career relevant. Turn things around now if you notice any of these ten signs in your life--red flags that let you know that you're at risk of heading down a slippery slope. Read more →

We all have a preferred means of managing our time. There are Planners and there are those who put things off until the last minute--the Procrastinators. A colleague of mine likes to think of himself as a mix of the two, but most of the time he’s a procrastinator until a looming deadline kicks his backside into action. I know others who plan everything out in scrupulous detail until they hit a speed bump and discover the importance of building in some flexibility. Read more →