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Planner or Procrastinator? 6 Ways to Adapt in Disruptive Environments

We all have a preferred means of managing our time. There are Planners and there are those who put things off until the last minute--the Procrastinators. A colleague of mine likes to think of himself as a mix of the two, but most of the time he’s a procrastinator until a looming deadline kicks his backside into action. I know others who plan everything out in scrupulous detail until they hit a speed bump and discover the importance of building in some flexibility. 

Disruptive Environments

Alas, disruption is everywhere. There’s no getting away from it in today’s fast-moving business environments. Instead, you need to know how to seek out ways to adapt your preferred style in order to thrive in today’s workplace. 

The infographic below offers six ideas on how you can adapt in a disruptive environment whether you see yourself as a Planner or a Procrastinator.


Planner or Procrastinator

What tips you have for Planners and Procrastinators looking to thrive in fast-moving environments?