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Seeding Change : 60 Day Reinvention Challenge

It's probably no coincidence that the same weekend I decide to prune my yard's over-grown bushes and pull weeds, I also officially launch my newest training course Seeding Change: 60 Day Reinvention Challenge.

Spring time offers us a seasonal opportunity to prune our lives. It's a time when people decide to take action on changing something--choosing to leave behind stale, outworn situations and even relationships--in order to move their lives forward.

It's a time for you to take bolder action towards pursuing one of your dreams. You might not reach your intended goal during this reinvention cycle, but that's okay, it's about creating a new--higher--set point for yourself.

I invite you to visit www.SeedingChange.Link and consider joining us May 5 when we kick-off this eight-week program that supports you in making a pivotal change in your life.  


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