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The Power of Mindful Change

7 Reasons Why Your Last Reinvention Failed


People often ask me why I treat a personal or career reinvention like a project. But did you know that by doing so you are 90 percent more likely to reach (or exceed) your goal? This is why Project Managers typically make top notch “reinventionists” once they learn the how of my reinvention model—it becomes an on-demand process for them since they now know their optimum time to change. 

Are you ready to review why your last reinvention failed? Be sure to consider these seven reasons before hitting the re-plan button.  


1. Not hungry enough.

If you’re not hungry for change you’ll sabotage your own efforts by muting your voice. Check in with yourself and honestly assess whether the pangs of boredom or raw feelings that you want your life to mean more is enough to motivate you into action.


2. Misplaced trust.

People waste too much time looking to others for validation instead of trusting themselves. There’s a reason why we all possess the power of intuition—it’s to help us navigate our true north.  


3. Lack of focus.

Honestly assessing your current situation and where you want to be in three months, six months, a year from now is how you gain understanding about where the gaps exist in your life. It’s so much easier to close a gap when you’re aware of it.


4. Confusion.

Identifying your desired reinvention goal and developing a roadmap and plan on how you’re going to reach it, eliminates the confusion that so often stops people in their tracks and prevents them from moving forward.


5. Timing.

Why now? Explore the reasons why you’re looking to reinvent yourself at this time. This material becomes part of your change story. You’ll also use this information to understand when it’s your optimum time to change, and when it makes sense to include pivot plans and Plan B’s in your Reinvention Plan.


6. Emotional tugs-of-war

Although emotions are a natural aspect of the reinvention process, far too often people walk away at this point because they don’t understand how to manage their emotions. Reaching for a goal and letting go of areas in your life that you decide no longer serve you are bound to trigger emotional responses. It’s part of the change process. Understanding when you can anticipate emotional triggers makes it easier for you to plan for them.  


7. Weak implementation

Developing a great Reinvention Plan, but failing to properly implement it is such a waste of good energy. So, for those who have asked why our Seeding Change: 60 Day Reinvention Challenge includes using the tool, Basecamp, for reaching your desired reinvention outcome—it’s because the discipline and focus associated with sound project management skills allows us to help you reach that goal.


How will you change your life in the next 60 days? There’s still time to sign-up for our reinvention challenge—we close registrations at midnight (Pacific Time) on April 30!