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I was reminded of my 15-day rule for moving beyond setbacks from a former conference attendee who now uses this process for managing her perfectionist tendencies. She credits it for helping her to release, learn, and get closure on the emotional aspects of professional setbacks (it has always served me well). So, I thought this might be a good time to review the original post and convert it to an infographic. Read more →

There is no magic formula for becoming an entrepreneurial leader—it’s a choice you make about investing time and energy into this reinvention endeavor. Motivation might not even be an issue for you. You realize that applying entrepreneurial skills in today’s disruptive business environments would make a positive difference in your career. But you may be harboring fears about not being a prime candidate for this type of leadership. Let’s dig in and explore some myths and truths about entrepreneurial leadership that you might not have considered. Read more →