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Entrepreneurial energy isn't always welcomed within an organization, especially when disrupting the status quo threatens those whose identities rest with the "as is" state. 
However, it's the enlightened leader and manager who discover innovative ways to tap and channel entrepreneurial moxie as part of a strategic advantage. They apply best-in-class change management techniques because they understand the importance that diversity of thought plays in the workplace.
Smart leaders grasp the reality and business risk of stifling creativity, personal risktaking, and innovation in the workplace. They understand the risk of driving entrepreneurial thinkers and doers from the company into the "arms of the competition".   
Let's look at five ways you can leverage entrepreneurial moxie so that it benefits you and others in your organization.
1. Inspire and Influence a Wider Circle of People 
Entrepreneurial energy expands beyond its base--a great thing when used to inspire a wider circle of people within an organization. Individuals who possess entrepreneurial moxie understand that inspiration has little to do with hierarchy and where someone sits within an organizational chart, using this knowledge to their advantage when influencing change across a wide swath of the workforce. 
2. See Value Beyond Your Own Projects
People with entrepreneurial moxie have a vision for their career and their immediate projects, but they're also alert to adding value beyond their own efforts, e.g., problem-solving opportunities, cost reduction ideas, or eliminating role overlaps and duplication of work. Entrepreneurial thinkers "noodle" ideas that advance their own endeavors and that of others by seeking out ways to innovate and contribute in new ways.  
3. Challenge Workforce Comfort Zones
Entrepreneurial thinkers and doers seek out opportunities to stretch themselves. They're keen to learn something new, curious about discovering new tools that improve their productivity and thought processes, and excited about exploring terrain that helps them to redesign the landscape. Personal risktaking is relevant to their efforts for reaching beyond their comfort zone. 
4. Share Problem Solving Techniques
Problem solving is the creative juice of those with entrepreneurial moxie. These individuals thrive on reducing complexity that others might shy away from tackling, whether it's part of design work or project-based initiatives. Managing the people side of organizational dynamics also requires problem solving techniques--sharing best practices in managing business and process impacts and the complexity that comes from doing so globally and cross-functionally is a great way to leverage entrepreneurial moxie.    
5. Motivate Others to Push Through to the End 
Those with entrepreneurial moxie show up like they mean it--disciplined and determined to get the job done--a desirable quality to have when the going gets tough. When outside forces and developments disrupt the best of plans, requiring a fast pivot and an adaptive mindset, you'll definitely want entrepreneurial thinkers and doers on your side. 

So the next time you come across someone with entrepreneurial moxie, instead of avoiding, sabotaging, or looking for the nearest exit, why not consider a different tack? It might be the smartest thing you do, allowing someone else to help you row your boat.