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You may have pulled together a career portfolio in the past, maybe while in college or to land your current job. A solid career portfolio can differentiate you in the marketplace by highlighting your transferable skills and expertise, establish or strengthen your personal brand, and trace your personal development—something that a resume or CV can't fully capture. Entrepreneurial skills will increasingly play a role in differentiating you in the marketplace; helping you land that next job, leadership opportunity, or client. Here are three reasons why you need a portfolio of entrepreneurial skills. Read more →

Compassionate accountability. It’s a life challenge for me—what about you? When I’m under the stress of deadlines or I’ve allowed myself to get too hungry or didn’t get enough sleep the night before—pretty much, things that are in my control—what’s at risk of dropping is more than my energy level. In today’s fast-moving, ambiguous, and disruptive business environments of mergers and product innovations, it doesn’t take much of a leap for us to feel the challenges associated with living and modeling Emotional Intelligence while at work and in our personal lives. Read more →

How much would you say success in life is due to good timing? You know the adage—right time, right place. Perhaps, you’ve had teachers and bosses who intervened at the right time and inspired you to change your life’s course. Over the years the leaders I’m most grateful for having crossed my paths were those who seemed to instinctively know when I needed them to intervene. Their timing was always impeccable. Intervening at the right time increases the likelihood of your being able to influence someone’s direction, something that they may still be working out in their head. Read more →

There is no magic formula for becoming an entrepreneurial leader—it’s a choice you make about investing time and energy into this reinvention endeavor. Motivation might not even be an issue for you. You realize that applying entrepreneurial skills in today’s disruptive business environments would make a positive difference in your career. But you may be harboring fears about not being a prime candidate for this type of leadership. Let’s dig in and explore some myths and truths about entrepreneurial leadership that you might not have considered. Read more →

People often ask me why I treat a personal or career reinvention like a project. But did you know that by doing so you are 90 percent more likely to reach (or exceed) your goal? This is why Project Managers typically make top notch “reinventionists” once they learn the how of my reinvention model—it becomes an on-demand process for them when they know the optimum time to change. Read more →

The tension between deciding when to challenge a status quo and when to adapt to one certainly does keep life interesting. However, we hear less about the art of managing the creative tension associated with stepping up and outside our comfort zones—navigating an unfamiliar terrain that is oftentimes strewn with roadblocks, boulders, and pot holes—with that of getting along, being liked, and fitting in. Read more →

It's probably no coincidence that the same weekend I decide to prune my yard's over-grown bushes and pull weeds I also officially launch my newest training course Seeding Change: 60 Day Reinvention Challenge. Read more →

We all have a preferred means of managing our time. There are Planners and there are those who put things off until the last minute--the Procrastinators. A colleague of mine likes to think of himself as a mix of the two, but most of the time he’s a procrastinator until a looming deadline kicks his backside into action. I know others who plan everything out in scrupulous detail until they hit a speed bump and discover the importance of building in some flexibility. Read more →

Earlier this year I got serious about launching an online course site, something that I had been considering for at least a year. As serendipity would have it, a business colleague from Univentures reached out to let me know about their new online learning partnership with Thinkific. Since I had a fairly good understanding of what I was looking for in an online course provider, I decided to attend their informational webinar this past August. Note: If you're ready to move forward with your own online learning solution, Thinkific has a Black Friday deal that you'll want to check out. Read more →

Over the years I've had the greatest of opportunities to partner with some amazing folks, and as a Change and Transformation consultant and coach, this means that I’ve experienced different leadership and work styles. It still surprises me, though, when business leaders and managers fail to leverage the “unpolished gems” quite often right in front of them, under-utilized professionals who represent untapped potential. Read more →