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People often ask me why I treat a personal or career reinvention like a project. But did you know that by doing so you are 90 percent more likely to reach (or exceed) your goal? This is why Project Managers typically make top notch “reinventionists” once they learn the how of my reinvention model—it becomes an on-demand process for them when they know the optimum time to change. Read more →

Reinventing yourself in front of your Personal Inflection Point keeps life interesting and your career relevant. Turn things around now if you notice any of these ten signs in your life--red flags that let you know that you're at risk of heading down a slippery slope. Read more →

It's time to re-think boredom as a red flag letting you know that something in your life needs changing. Although not a seasonal feeling, but a year around gift that’s easily overlooked because of the busyness of the holiday season combined with yearend activities at work, there is risk associated with not opening this gift when it’s offered. Read more →