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Shortly after my book was published I held a workshop at the Santa Clara Public Library where much of my research was done (never overlook great research librarians!). One of the women in the audience asked if reinventions and transformations were the same thing. Great question and one that we often get asked. Read more →

Self-reinventions present you with a number of benefits, the obvious one being a transformative you. But contrary to what many people believe, transformation doesn't happen by chance just because you decide to change jobs or leave a career to start-up your own micro-business or even a start-up. A good rule of thumb is that the greater the change the earlier you'll want to begin the process of stress testing your systems before launching the new Product of You. So, what types of changes might require less time and where would you want to introduce longer lead times? Consider the following when pulling together your transformation strategies. Read more →

[Video] 10 Pivots to Juice the New Year

Here is our short end-of-year video to get the juices pumping for you--2016 is right around the corner! Why not check out our 8 minute video course 10 Pivots to Juice the New Year that includes voice narration and more teachable moments for you. How do YOU plan to juice the new year in your career, business, or your personal life? Read more →

You may have pulled together a career portfolio in the past, maybe while in college or to land your current job. A solid career portfolio can differentiate you in the marketplace by highlighting your transferable skills and expertise, establish or strengthen your personal brand, and trace your personal development—something that a resume or CV can't fully capture. Entrepreneurial skills will increasingly play a role in differentiating you in the marketplace; helping you land that next job, leadership opportunity, or client. Here are three reasons why you need a portfolio of entrepreneurial skills. Read more →

There is no magic formula for becoming an entrepreneurial leader—it’s a choice you make about investing time and energy into this reinvention endeavor. Motivation might not even be an issue for you. You realize that applying entrepreneurial skills in today’s disruptive business environments would make a positive difference in your career. But you may be harboring fears about not being a prime candidate for this type of leadership. Let’s dig in and explore some myths and truths about entrepreneurial leadership that you might not have considered. Read more →

Earlier this year I got serious about launching an online course site, something that I had been considering for at least a year. As serendipity would have it, a business colleague from Univentures reached out to let me know about their new online learning partnership with Thinkific. Since I had a fairly good understanding of what I was looking for in an online course provider, I decided to attend their informational webinar this past August. Note: If you're ready to move forward with your own online learning solution, Thinkific has a Black Friday deal that you'll want to check out. Read more →